Common Problems with Your Lawn Sprinkler System

Common Problems with Your Lawn Sprinkler System

With the many components making up a sprinkler system, there are common problems that can make the system to malfunction. From damaged pumps to malfunctioning non-return valves, your system can offer other kinds of minor and major problems. Grapevine tree service pros remind us that identifying sprinkler problems is very important to the health of your Lawn, Trees and all plant life.

Here, we will look at six of the most common complications associated with your lawn sprinkler system.

  1. Sprinkler heads.

Depending on the kind of system you have at home, the sprinkler heads work under the same mechanism. Rotors, drip lie, bubblers, and emitters are four common sprinkler heads in the market.  With time, these heads become clogged, broken, or stuck.

  1. Faulty valves.

A ball valve and a gate valve are common sprinkler valves on offer. However, there are three other types of valve systems; Anti-siphon valves, in-line valve, and automatic control sprinkler valves. These valves regulate the amounts of water flow from the water pump to the sprinkler heads.  Without the correct maintenance procedures, the valves will not turn off completely leading to water leakage.  Also, with time, the valves become worn out after exposure to chemicals found in the water (metal salt, Nitrate, and Lead) .

  1. Broken hose.

A damaged/broken hose will not only lead to water wastage. If your sprinkler hose is broken, debris and foreign material will get into the system and cause further damages to the system.

Common causes of broken hose:

  • Variations of ground temperature.
  • Pipes’ life span.
  • Pressure from roots.
  • Continuous lawn-mowing and grass manicure.
  1. Automatic Pump Controllers.

A pump controller is an important tool that helps automatically control the turning on/off, and regulating water pressure in the sprinkler system. If you notice the system is not functioning as effectively as before, there might be a problem with the system sensors.  The following are common problems associated with pump controllers:

  • Muck build up.
  • Poor maintenance.
  • Clogged pressure and flow detectors.
  • Electric spikes and voltage surge.
  1. Backflow preventers.

With the four common types of backflow preventers in the market, it is important for homeowners to install any of the system to avoid irrigation water from back siphoning into your homes’ water system.  These preventers have a shut-off valve to control the flow of water to the irrigation system whenever need be/emergency.

The three common problems associated with preventers include:

  • Damaged shut-off valves.
  • Faulty first and second check valves.
  • High and low relief valve opening.
  1. Electrical wiring.

The electrical wiring in any sprinkler system should work exemplary for improved performance. Timers and automatic valves depend on electricity to turn ON and OFF. However, without the correct maintenance and poor handling, the system will stop working.

Simple troubleshooting and diagnostic procedures can be done at home, but, if the system appears to have more than just minor complications, we advise contacting professionals for repairs and replacement.